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I'm sure by now you have seen this hash tag on facebook or instagram. I first saw it this past week and so I researched what was happening. I went to bed that night with a heavy heart, trying to think of what my response should be as an artist to help raise awareness. 

Join Bring Back Our Girls on Facebook for up to the minute info on ways to get involved. 

You can write the President here.

You can sign a petition here.

I've been working on these little faces lately and when I woke up the next morning I got the idea to start painting over 300 little girl faces. It was an emotional day for me empathizing with these girls and their families by allowing myself to feel the terror, the sorrow and the great brokenness through each face I sketched out. Each one representing a life and a future. 


I know horrific things happen in many places around the world, and we can only do so much as individuals to raise awareness, get involved politically, contribute financially, etc. I hope when people see this installation that they are able to stop and consider ways that we all contribute to the brokenness and the solution. We all can make a difference in our world. 

This project surprised me. I've never made an instillation before. There has been 20 hours that have gone into this so far and a couple of friends helped me tie all the strings on. I still want to sew some delicate blue string tears to the faces and put a cascading mass of blue thread in the center ring that puddles on the floor. I think 10 more hours and it should be complete. 

Watercolor, yarn, plastic pig, paper coin rolls.

Watercolor, yarn, plastic pig, paper coin rolls.



I'm excited to release a new body of work I have been experimenting with for years. I started adapting watercolor into my art after meeting Narae Kim in Los Angeles who's wide brushes and abstract forms of fashion silhouettes inspired me. 

I began to take watercolor paints and small pads of paper with me when I would travel. Experimenting with how different colors performed when mixed together in the water, and with oil pastels. I like order in life so to get into watercolor was a stretch for me. It requires a partnership where I control all I can but then release the watercolors to interpret my intentions in the end. 

During 3 years of experimenting small, one theme kept coming to the surface; Some paintings I had done called "Totems". I started feeling a pull to make these larger.  Totems are an object serving as an emblem or revered symbol. In this body of work I set out to explore the interconnectedness of the different circles of influence in our lives and how we must not loose touch with the natural environments that keep us alive and thriving.

 My goal is to eventually get picked up by a gallery but in the mean time I hope these pieces are affordable enough for those who are wanting to have an art collection and display something of meaning on their walls at home. I even give some color matching ideas for wall colors and room accents. To see more "Totems" click the photo above.