good morning TEXAS

It was so fun joining Gina Doscocil, owner of Houston Street Outfitters in Cedar Hill (HSO), this morning on Good Morning Texas to share some of our favorite jewelry brands from around the world. 

I was born and raised in Cedar Hill and it's always exciting to see how the town is developing and growing. I was delighted to meet Gina years ago while strolling through the historic downtown area of Cedar Hill. Check out her store and catch a glimpse of the bank that Bonnie and Clyde's sidekick robbed back in 1932. Head to Babe's Chicken across the street for some good ol' Texas eats and then walk it off at Joe Pool Lake- Cedar Hill State Park! It's a perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

On the show we shared with you quite a few brands in just a few minutes. Here's a list along with links to their web sites. Don't forget that Good Morning Texas viewers get 20% off today through Sunday night (October 15-18) by using the code GMTX20 (Show said GMTTX20, but code only has one "T"= GMTX20 !)

I've worked with many of these groups, and others I know first hand, that are making an incredible difference in the lives of those creating their products. In supporting these companies you can rest knowing your dollars are making a positive difference in the world. (Above Photo By Esther Havens for Raven + Lily, Ethiopia)

1) Sseko- Best known for empowering women in Uganda through their shoe program, now they are branching into Ethiopia offering jewelry and hand bags. Based out of Portland, OR

2) 7 Stitches- Hand made in San Diego, CA using beads and findings made by artisans all over the world. 

3) Tonlé- Made by artisans in Cambodia. This brand is responsible from start to finish by using every scrap made from their clothing line to be woven into fabrics and pieced into jewelry. You've got to see their creative video that shows exactly what it means to be "Zero Waste". Based out of San Francisco, CA

4) Aid Through Trade- (Available at HSO) Their journey began in 1993 in Nepal. They are an original founding member of the Fair Trade Federation and also the original developers of their classic "Roll-On®" Bracelet. A great gift for bridesmaids, stocking stuffers, or sports teams! Based out of Annapolis, MD (NOTE: For Amazon orders use code GMTX20RO)

5) Raven + Lily- (Available at HSO) Is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. They work in many countries including India, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. Based out of Austin, TX

6) 31 Bits-(Available at HSO) Working with women in Uganda to bring change in the fashion industry by valuing the creator and consumer. A great brand focusing on the holistic care of their artisans; physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Based out of Southern California

7) Fait La Force- Inspired by the Haitian flag "L'Union Fait La Force" or "Strength In Unity" Employs artisans using traditional techniques and natural materials to provide jobs, skills and access to markets by bringing modern design to indigenous craft. Based out of NYC

8) SOKO- Creates stunning hand crafted jewelry and technological innovation to support it's artisans in Kenya. It is the first to develop a mobile phone driven business model that connects artisans directly to consumers. 

9) Matr Boomie- Which means "Mother Earth" in Hindi. Empowering a network of 20,000 artisans in India. Items are available for retail at Central Market off Lovers in Dallas. For first time wholesale orders use code GMTX20 on the Matr Boomie web site and get free shipping. Based out of Austin, TX

Also here is a link for more information about the Fair Trade Federation.